01.The Company

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Since 1998, Firefall, LLC meticulously engineers standards-based Web applications, combined with integrated Marketing and E-Commerce solutions for creative agencies, retail brands, and enterprises. A platform-agnostic organization, Firefall believes in standards-compliant and device-independent solutions to give Clients flexibility and peace of mind.

Specialties: Web Development, Technical Consulting, Alchemy, and Internet Engineering

02.The Team

The Team


I bet you were expecting a series of hipster-esque pictures where everyone’s got a mustache, a caricature, or looking way too serious. Don’t worry, we’re all here, working out of the same Manhattan office. Which is more than can be said for most. We don’t outsource, sub-source, re-contract, repurpose or downright steal. If you want to meet the talented and dedicated team please drop by and we’ll show you the view.